Why exert won’t attain you lose weight

( CNN) There’s no dearth of things people swore to leave behind in 2018: bad chores, bad relationships, bad habits. But opportunities are, you’re beginning 2019 with something you didn’t intend: a few extra pounds.

“It couldn’t be more true, ” nutritionist and CNN contributor Lisa Drayer said. “Basically, what I always tell people is, what you omit from your diet is so much more important than how much you exercise.”

Think of it like this: All of your “calories in” come from the food you ate and the beverages you drink, but merely a portion of your “calories out” are lost through exercise.

Basal metabolic rate, the amount of energy it takes only to keep your body operating( blood pumping, lungs breathing, brain functioning) Breaking down food, scientifically referred to as “diet-induced thermogenesis, ” “specific dynamic action” or the “thermic the consequences of food” Physical activity

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