What “Rush Hour” Looks Like Around The World

There aren’t many people who will say, “I love all the time I spend going to and from work.” It’s a small miracle if you are able truthfully say “I love my job.” Asking to love your commute might be a little much. Still, depending on where you live, you might either be thanking your lucky stars you don’t live anywhere on this list. Or, you live in Beijing, the suburbs of L.A. or New Jersey. Then that flock of sheep might be looks a lot like a sweet vacation, instead of the roadblock the locals likely consider it.

In any event, this list is a fascinating look at “peak traffic” in many parts of the world. Even if it’s not exactly a automobile commute, it doesn’t mean it’s not busy.

When you’re not caught up in it, sometimes traffic actually looks kind of beautiful, like in this shot of Buenos Aires.


But that’s nothing compared to the chaotic loveliness of Thailand’s waterways.


City dwellers, avert your eyes. This is “rush hour” at Snapper Rocks in Gold Coast, Australia.

Sean Scott

If it stimulates “youre feeling” any better, the location is also known as Point Danger. So, at least you’ve got that going for you.

Copenhagen’s crowded streets are one of the last refuges of the bicycle traffic jam.


Though cycling is picking up as a popular form of transportation elsewhere in the world, Copenhagen is one of the only places today that even arrives close to the good old days of cities like Beijing in the 1980 s, when 8 out of 10 commuters in the massive city rode bicycles everywhere they went.

Getting stuck in gondola traffic in Venice seems romantic to many of us, but candidly, imagine if you were late for a meeting!


Speaking of Beijing, 10 million of its residents have traded their bicycles for automobiles and let’s just say, things get a little intense.

People’s Daily

But if you’re a bison in Yellowstone National Park, things might seem just as crazy to you on any devoted misty morning.


Despite many urban planners indicating they have the opposite-of-intended effect on traffic, cities like Fort Lauderdale seem to love their 12 – and 14 -lane superhighways, that nevertheless get all clogged up when it’s quittin’ time.

Joe Cavaretta

But don’t let it get you down. Even seagulls get the traffic jam blues.


And you’ve probably never dealt with metro traffic like this Sao Paulo mess.


Or had to wait for a flock of Irish sheep to make their route slowly up a winding mountain road.


Or had to battle horses, streetcars and hordes of pedestrians with no discernible traffic statutes to guide you, like New Yorkers did in 1909.


And only a few of you probably have to deal with L.A.


The point is, traffic is traffic, whether you’re in the Mekong Delta …


Or the Beijing Subway.


From the Lincoln Tunnel …


To the street of Bali, there’s simply no escaping it.


So cheer up! Life’s little annoyances are there to help you appreciate the very best things in life. Nothing will ever be perfect and whether it’s a walking to the kitchen or a trek around the world, moving from Point A to Point B is just part of the human experience. If you simply can’t handle it, we heartily recommend considering becoming a sloth, or perhaps a slow loris. I mean that toxic bite thing is a pretty cool bonus feature. But you’re still a slow loris at the end of the day. No commute, though!

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