Tyler Farrar borrows spectator’s bike after crash on Tour Down Under

Tyler Farrar get help from a kindhearted fan after his motorcycle came off the road during the Tour Down Under

American cyclist Tyler Farrar got into trouble during stage three of the Tour Down Under near Adelaide. He crashed during a sprint and ended up in a trench, and his bike was wrecked. But a kindhearted spectator came to the rescue, handing over his own bike and shoes so Farrar could finish the race.

Farrar was travelling at speeds of over 40 mph when he came off the road during the 139 km stage in south Australia, and was left bloodied and bruised. He was assessed by medical staff, and seemed set to continue, but a few miles down the road realised his bike was in no fit country to continue. The support team had driven off, and it seemed as though Farrar was finished but for the efforts of Anthony Tooman, who was following the race roadside.

Tooman, 42, told the Adelaide Advertiser: We could see him on the side of the road, and asked: Do you need a wheel? He said: No, the wheel is not going to cut it.

Then it went to: Well, what pedals are you running? He was on Speedplay and I was on Shimano, and as soon as that was decided it was just: Well, you might as well just take everything.

Then the next question was: What sizing shoe are you? He was a sizing 43 and Im a 44, so we swapped shoes, he jumped on my motorcycle, we devoted him some water and see you later.

Team Dimension Data (@ TeamDiData) January 21, 2016

A big thanks to the spectator who lent Tyler Farrar his bike today. Tyler would be out of the @tourdownunder if it weren’t for you mate! 😉

Farrar intersected the finishing line 13 min 7sec behind stage winner Simon Gerrans, and would ordinarily have been disqualified from the tour. Normal race regulations ban outside assistance.

But the chief commissaire considered it an exceptional circumstance and took into account that Farrar was not in contention to win the stage or the race. Farrar, 31, will be allowed to start stage four.

A statement read: Race officials have confirmed Farrar will be allowed to continue the race as an exception to the rule because a bad accident with several other riders involved generated a hectic situation which entailed neither his team automobile nor the events neutral service vehicle was in a position to provide assistance.

The six-stage race concludes on Sunday.

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