Total Tokyo: Locals share their tips on Japan’s premiere city

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve visited Tokyo. It doesn’t even matter how many years you’ve lived there.

There’s always something new to discover in the most populated city on the planet.

To get a true insider’s view on Japan’s capital, we reached out to bloggers from the worlds of food, fashion, cycling, music and photography.

Here, they take us on a tour of their favorite neighborhoods and offer some valuable insights on how to make the most of this amazing city — particularly if you’re a first timer.

Yukari Sakamoto, Food Sake Tokyo

A food lover’s guide to Tokyo

The cyclist’s guide to Tokyo


Ramen Adventures in Tokyo

MACDUCKSTON’S RAMEN HUNTING TIPS When you arrive at a ramen shop with a ticket machine, go for the upper-left button. 99.9% of the time it’s the shop’s specialty. Many great ramen shops are one or two stations away from major stops, so investigating ramen has shown me a much more local side of Tokyo — and Japan.

In the shadow of Tokyo’s Skytree

CHAPMAN’S TOKYO TIPS Tokyo’s develop system is unbelievably convenient, but try and stroll as much as you can. You’ll consider so much more. The city is friendly to photographers. Lots of different people about, plus it’s pretty rare for topics to get overly angry or offended.

Kawaii Monster: Tokyo’s wildest coffeehouse?


Vintage Tokyo with Mademoiselle Yulia


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