The spokeless Cyclotron looks like something straight out of ‘Tron’

The dream of riding one of the light cycles from the movie Tron just got a lot closer to becoming a reality.

Composed of lightweight carbon fiber, the Cyclotron’s most distinctive characteristics is its spokeless wheels, which, when paired with its blue LED trim, appear a lot like the digital motorcycles from the classic sci-fi cinema. No, there’s no official connection to the cinema franchise, but the similarities between the iconic sun cycle and this creation are unmistakable.

The bike was recently launched as a Kickstarter project and has already raised over $128,000 of its $56,000 goal, and the campaign still has a few days to go.

In place of the wheel’s spokes, the motorcycle offers utility slots, which can be used to hold carrying examples inside the back and front wheels. The sleek vehicle is controlled in part by what the company calls an internal, 18 -speed “E-Gear Box” with electronic switch, as well as an encapsulated chainless drive develop. However, this is not an e-bike you still have to peddle.

One especially clever touch is the fact that the LED illuminations on the wheels are powered by self-charging lithium ion batteries that last up to eight hours. Ultimately, the makers claim that the unique airless tires on the motorcycle will last over 6,000 miles, with the option to replace them with a kit that costs about $118 per set.

In addition to its futuristic seem, the motorcycle also comes with an app( for iOS and Android) that records your cycling trips, can locate the bike via GPS in case of theft, and notifies you when the bike’s light batteries are low.

But all this next-gen design and tech doesn’t come cheap. The bike’s Kickstarter entry-level price is $1,700, making this a fairly pricey gamble on a bike that has yet to be proven by independent users on the streets.

Nevertheless, the campaign has been successful, so we’ll find out soon just how well the motorcycle truly works. Supporters are slated to get their motorcycles in the summer of 2017.

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