Russell Crowe Seems A Long Way From His ‘Gladiator’ Days As He Flaunts Fuller Figure

Russell Crowe is synonymous with the strong, musclebound characters he has played throughout his impressive career. From Gladiator to Robin Hood , the 53 -year-old actor has a reputation for bagging the bulkier roles in Hollywood.

In his youth, this was not an issue for the toned New Zealand-native who boasted a solid physique. However, over the years the father-of-two has featured in less high-profile movies , now preferring to hide behind the camera in the role of director.

If you are a regular cinema-goer then you may have insured Crowe in big budget cinemas such as the 2017 reboot of The Mummy and critically-panned Superman blockbuster, Man of Steel.

In addition, he also appeared in the Academy-Award winning Les Miserables, to intervene in the all-singing, all-dancing casting as Inspector Javert.

Whilst still active in Hollywood- despite refusing to live there- Crowe no longer depends on movie roles to pay the bills. With a reported $95 million in the bank and an extremely frugal lifestyle- rumor has it he still drives an old Jeep- there is no need for Crowe to accept roles for the sake of fiscal security.

Thus, the starring, who is resident in Sydney, Australia, is able to- for wishing of a better expres-” let himself go “. But who can blamed him?

Watch Russell Crowe talk about his struggle with the physically demanding days on the situate of Gladiator

When you’re able to retire at such a young age, with an Academy Award under your belt( Crowe won Best Actor for his role in Ridley Scott’s Gladiator in 2000 ), who wouldn’t relax a little?

Back in 2014, whilst on Australian radio present Fitzy& Wippa , Crowe explained how his age and previous traumata held him back from attaining peak physical fitness 😛 TAGEND

” At 49, I find it a little bit difficult to run these days. I’ve got grade four tears in both Achilles, shin splints, I got no cartilage the toes in my right foot, I’ve got bone marrow edemas under both knees, I’ve got one degenerating hip- that’s their own problems you get .”

However, when it’s necessary Crowe will invest all of his energy into preparing for a role. For example, when he played Superman’s father in the 2013 Man of Steel , he regularly dedicated his Twitter followers updates on his manic workout routines which included long strolls, weights, cycling and many hours at the gym.

After all, when you’re being paid millions of dollars for a film role, it seems cost effective to get in shape. Short word ache for a long-term gain!

So whilst Crowe may be sporting a rather bulkier frame than he is famous for- people are blaming his” respect for brew” as the culprit for his expanding waistline- there is no doubt that he will be back in action sometime shortly.

And if he isn’t? Well, he’s a parent and the’ Dad Bod’ is all the rage right now…

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