Lisa Rinna’s Teen Daughter Has Been Called Out Online For Her Very “Inappropriate” Prom Dress

In Hollywood, the lines between what is and isn’t appropriate are extremely blurred. That’s the reason why half of the industry are abruptly quaking in their boots over the recent slew of accusations against powerful figures who have abused their position to sexually harass their inferiors.

But we are not here to talk about Harvey Weinstein today. Today, the focus is Amelia Gray. Wait, who? Well, let me introduce the latest ” it ” daughter, because soon she will be a name to know- potentially for all the wrong reasons. But hey, thanks to Kim Kardashian, that’s the culture we now live in.

But, again, we are not here to talk about Kim Kardashian, because this is all about Amelia Gray, the 16 -year-old daughter of actress and reality television superstar, Lisa Rinna and her husband, Mad Men starring, Harry Hamlin.

Despite merely being a tender teen, young Amelia has racked up quite a lot of criticism and caused a fair bit of dispute for her rather risque lifestyle.

Here is a prime example of her instead ridiculous life from an episode of’ The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills ‘, the show in which her mom starrings …

Equally, the brunette beauty has also been applauded for her honest and open Instagram updates which have included details of her struggle with anorexia.

At the start of the month, the California-native posted two photographs of herself posing in a bikini along with a caption that detailed the difficulties she has faced as a result of her eating disorder.

” Last year at this time there was no doubt that I was not okay ,” the teen wrote.” Not merely physically but also mentally. I feel like sometimes people forget that just because your job involves being in front of the camera, doesn’t mean you can’t have bad days .”

” Instead of people ever provide comments on my mental stability, people commented on my weight. Usually, when people are struggling with an eating disorder it stems from your intellect, and your body is a reflection of it .

The most important part about it was waking up one morning and deciding to stop sabotaging myself. My health, my physical health, my mental health and everything about myself .”

But whilst her 300,000 followers were supportive of this candid admission, they were not of her latest post which featured the 16 -year-old model in her black prom dress with a seriously plunging neckline.

Instantly, the photo sparked a backlash with many trolls coming out of the depths of Instagram to suggest that several of her defining features were fake- something Amelia denied in an additional comment, where she typed:” you can’t even get a boob job till you’re done growing and you’re 18. Same with your lips or any plastic surgery !”

For those who aren’t in the Hollywood bubble, it can be hard to relate to Tinseltown’s tendencies- I entail, can somebody explain why the Kardashian clan maintain wearing cycling shorts as day wear? Or why Gigi Hadid insists on wearing those tiny sunglasses? It’s a mystery.

So it’s hardly surprising that Amelia’s rather unconventional prom dress has caused some rather narrowminded haters to target her.

Lisa Rinna clearly saw no issue with her daughter’s dress though, as she gladly shared the following snap of Amelia and her friends prior to the prom.

Sadly though, the judgemental remarks from disapproving Instagram users came inundating in 😛 TAGEND

Of course, when you’re mama is a reality television starring and your papa an actor, there is little chance that your life will be ordinary. So, rather than slate a adolescent for being born and bred in such a world, maybe we should celebrate how kick-ass she seems!

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