Innovative: Toyota Is Saving Cyclists Lives By Adding Ramps To Their Automobile Doors

If you ride your motorcycle every day, you know the feeling of constantly avoiding danger at every turn. Even with helmets and dedicated bike lanes, well over 40,000 cyclists are injured or killed every year. Fortunately, Toyota is working to construct the well-being of cyclists simply a little bit easier by adding convenient bicycle ramps to all automobile doorways!

Thats right. Gone will be the days of ugly car-on-bike collisions. From now on, whenever a Toyota driver unthinkingly opens their automobile door into the path of a bicyclist, the rider will hit the state-of-the-art dedicated security ramp and launching up to 15 feet in the air!

Take a look at how Toyota plans to make this safety measure work 😛 TAGEND

Awesome! And bike commuters can rest easy with the knowledge that every single Toyota produced from now on will be decked out with this amazing feature.

Toyota also issued a short press release 😛 TAGEND

The engineers of the Toyota Motor Corporation are happy to offer a ramp feature improving the experience for everyone on the road. Instead of facing an opened doorway or potentially deadly sideswipe, cyclists will now be launched well into the airand are encouraged to do a tail tap or even a 180, should they wishbefore being safely returned to the ground.

We cant wait. Eventually, streets are no longer just for autoes. Hopefully, all vehicle manufacturers will follow Toyotas lead on this one.

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