How has Butlin’s changed?

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On a recent visit to their namesake county, the Duke of Sussex spotted a Butlin’s resort on the horizon of Bognor Regis and impetuously suggested he take his wife there.

It might be unlikely that the couple will actually pack their monogrammed purses and head to a holiday camp, but the image of draughty chalets and compulsory fun that linger long in the nation’s collective memory no longer ring true.

A British institution for more than 80 years, Butlin’s has undergone something of a revamp and subsequent revival – although the majority of members( 68%) of recent reviews on Trustpilot are negative, with remarks swinging between “absolutely nasty, extortionate and disgusting” and “fabulous holiday and great staff”.

So, if Meghan and Harry do amaze us all and stone up to Butlin’s, “whats being” their Royal Hi-di-Highnesses anticipate?


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From the Redcoats belting out cabaret hits and washed-up boybands on their farewell tour to true icons such as Nick Cave and Iggy Pop, music has always been a part of the Butlin’s experience.

It’s also one of the main depicts for people to visit the resorts – this weekend’s 80 s event at the resorts in Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness features Altered Images, Paul Young and Musical Youth and is sold out.

As one reviewer who went to a previous “8 0s Big Weekend” said: “It’s one long weekend party, if you don’t like drinking, dancing and fancy dress this is not for you.

“Huge groups of stags and hens accompanied by birthday party groups accompanied by blow up dolls were everywhere. The age scope was from 18 to over 60 and everyone seemed happy and part of the party spirit.”

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There are also events with a more relaxed vibe, such as The Great British Folk Festival, and as one of the musical turns at Meghan and Harry’s wedding was a rendition of Stand By Me, perhaps the couple would rather attend a “Legends of Soul” weekend where they could enjoy acts including tributes to Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight – as well as the real-life Billy Ocean and Chairmen Of The Board.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Nick Cave appeared at Minehead in 2007 and Iggy Pop in 2010

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