How Garance Dor and the Street Style Revolution Upended Fashion With a Camera and a Blog

Once upon a time, if you wanted to know what was stylish or what to wear during the coming season, you opened GQ, Esquire , or Harpers Bazaar . You went to a cool store, or flipped through fancy catalogues. The content of these glossy pages and shops was determined by an elite group of purchasers, editors, and photographers. They went to fashion proves twice a year in New York and Europe to decide what you wanted and what you could buy. They picked everything for you.

Sound like Meryl Streeps monologue in The Devil Wears Prada ? It more or less is. The movie was released in 2006, just before Garance Dor picked up a digital camera, stood outside of those manner displays, snapped pictures of what she saw, and posted them on her eponymous blog. Over the next decade, Dor would create the template for what became known as street style blogging, open the world of high fashion to the masses, and eventually usurp the very manner world she documented.” She established quality blogging ,” tells Yvan Rodic, a fellow blogger known as the Face Hunter.” She was the beginning .”

She established quality blogging. She was the beginning.Yvan Rodic

This week, as models stalk catwalks in Paris, Dor celebrates the 10 th anniversary of and her emergence as one of the highest-profile style arbitrators in the digital( and real) world. Its hard to believe that she only picked up a camera because she felt bad about her wardrobe. An illustrator by developing who started a blog in 2006 to showcase her run, Garance moved to Paris from Marseilles in 2007 and suffered a rude sartorial waken.” I was probably one of the most stylish daughters in Marseilles, but I got to Paris and I was the least. It was a disaster !” she tells with a chuckle.” And then one I day I decided I wanted to document style and learn about it .”

She began photographing women whose style she admired.” I was ensure all these cool girls ,” Dor says. After asking granted permission to take their image, shed post the photos on her blog with dreamy narratives about the woman’s seem and attitude. She also posted things from brands she loved, fostering readers to enjoy the beauty and design without worrying about the four- and five-figure price tags. Within months,” the blog became super popular in France ,” she tells, and not only with readers. She remembers how brands and stores would report, Oh shit, Garanceyou talked about those gasps and we sold out the same day !”

Ten Years of Street Style

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