Health Clubs Are The New Gyms

Any city betch knows the power of a membership to an exclusive social club in a place like NYC. Ever since Samantha Jones get kicked out of Soho House in season six, betches have been imploring to get in on these expensive, members-only social scenes.

But now that some of the most wonderful celebs have traded in garments and heels for leggings and sneakers, fitness is trendier than ever, and the movement is convey over to the city social scene. Think Blair Waldorf in cycling shoes and a Nike athletics bra. Boutique workouts and decorator athleisure are bigger than ever, and everyone wants in.

Thats where Wellvyl be coming back. This super waspy wellness club prides itself on being a community for fitness and wellness-minded people. Yes, such a thing actually exists. Basically, painting a room of chiseled socialites wearing Tory Sport, comparing abs, and drinking spiked Kombucha.

Not merely is membership like 200 dollars a month so you don’t “re going to have to” share your equipment with povos, but you actually have to apply to get in. Appears like Ill be forwarding this straight to my dad.

Once you become a member, you’ll get to attend Wellvyls exclusive social events, shop at the Wellvyl Boutique, and fake a smile while bonding with wellness bloggers over Soul Cycle playlists.

But Wellvyl isnt the only health social club on the city scene. These exclusive clubs are popping up all over NYC, LA, and London, and their pop-up events resemble a Gwyneth Paltrow housewarming brunch. Like, who doesnt want an organic green juice as a party favor?

So consider cancelling your Equinox membership and getting in on the health club scene. If you can actually get in, that is.

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