Female British Cycling Team Left A Brilliant Note For Drunk Men’s Team Who Won Gold

Last night my 6-a-side team played their last game of the season. If we won and the Italian squad further down the league also won, we would finish in second. Fate smiled down on us that fine evening as we watched ourselves take part in a glorious victory against our foes as to leapfrog them to third and then, against the odds, the Italians won their game against the second place team to see us that that place too .

Granted, its not on par with winning an Olympic gold medal but we still celebrated like it was. Its all about perspective, you find. The thing is though, unlike the Team GB Mens Cycling team, Victorious Secret dont share accommodation with the Team GB Womens cycling team.

So when the men won gold in their respective field, the women considered it necessary to cover their backs so as not to come face to face with any drunk cyclists as they celebrated.

“ To the team pursuing humen. Congratulations , As were guessing youre likely going to be drunk by the time you read this, and a few of you have already come into our room accidentally only a friendly reminder that THIS IS NOT YOUR ROOM . So please dont try to get in a 4am. Love the girls . P.S If youre genuinely stuck, your room is <— that way

Amazing. Guess it attains sense. No one like dealing with drunks when they’re sober. That’s why I always bide drunk, just in case.

Congratulations to everyone in regards to winning a tonne of medals yesterday. You’ve made this short, angry and ridiculously lazy man hold doing some actual sports instead of playing 30 minutes of football every sunday whilst nursing a hangover.

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