David Beckham Went Above And Beyond For A Paramedic And Her Patient

We already knew that David Beckham was a pretty nice guy, and he’s run ahead and demonstrate it with one of the sweetest gestures we’ve seen in a while .

Cycle paramedicCatherine Maynard was waiting for an ambulance withan elderly patient who’d taken a tumble, when they considered Beckham walk past.

He said hello, and then got into his automobile and drove off. But that wasn’t the last they’d assure of him. Just ten minutes later, he returned with a coffee for Catherine, and a tea for the pensioner patient.

As Catherine said 😛 TAGEND

“We were both very amused, and flattered. It was nasty cycling around in the cold and I couldnt believe it when he came back with some hot drinks I was so chuffed.”

It’s a small gesture, but on a freezing cold day, waiting at the side of the road, it must have meant a lot to Catherine and her patient.

Beckham. What a guy .

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