Dark beer and dumplings in Bavaria: a visit to the world’s oldest monastic brewery

Weltenburg Abbey, on a bending in the Danube, has been building rich, dark beers for more than 1,000 years and has a B& amp; B for those who may need an overnight stay

Weltenburg Abbey stands on a bend of the upper Danube, deep in a wooded ravine where the river cuts through the white limestone cliffs of the Frnkische Alb mountains, about 25 miles west of Regensburg in Bavaria. The abbey church, a spectacular concoction of late-baroque flamboyance, is worth the journey, but the main describe for most guests is alcoholic rather than spiritual. The abbey houses the oldest monastic brewery in the world, which first started brewing in 1050 and creates a number of beers, the most popular being a darknes, almost black, brew known as Kloster Barock Dunkel. Its a lovely thing to sip in the beer garden in the abbey courtyard, accompanied by roast schweinshaxe ( pork knuckle) and Bavarian dumplings, and is also offered in bottles to take away.

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