Dad Gives Daughter Epic DIY Virtual Reality Experience

Experiencing virtual reality doesn’t have to be expensive.

Just ask Hong Kong resident Newman Chan, who devoted his young daughter an incredible VR adventure without spending a dime.

Adorable video proves him lifting her up into the air as she’s seated on a pink tricycle and wearing a crash helmet 😛 TAGEND

First-person footage of a mountain biker cycling around a bumpy track plays on a Tv screen in front of her. Chan spins and shakes the trike, building it seem as if she’s navigating the course herself.

He posted the footage to Facebook on Wednesday evening alongside the caption, “let’s ride.”

The video has gotten more than 20 million views since a link was posted on Reddit.

It may not be the real VR deal, but the little girl seems thrilled with her father’s low-tech approach.

As headsets such as Oculus Rift become cheaper and more VR-specific videos are made, increasing numbers of people are getting their first taste of the experience — often with hilarious results.

One man’s mind was entirely blown last week, when he experienced scenarios like dropping into a gigantic wave. And a grandmother couldn’t stop calling during her first roller coaster simulation.

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