Chinese motorcycle share graveyard a monument to industry’s ‘arrogance’

Future of dockless bike sharing under a cloud amid concerns there are too many motorcycles and not sufficient demand

At first glance the photos vaguely resemble a paint. On closer inspection it might be a giant sculpture or some other art project. But in reality it is a mangled piling of bicycles covering an region approximately the size of a football pitching, and so high that cranes are needed to reach the top; cast-offs from the boom and bust of China’s bike sharing industry.

Just two days after China’s number three bike sharing company went bankrupt, a photographer in the south-eastern city of Xiamen captured a bicycle graveyard where thousands have been laid to rest. The pile clearly contains thousands of bikes from each of the top three companies, Mobike, Ofo and the now-defunct Bluegogo.

Once hailed as” Uber for bikes “, China’s cycle hire startups allowed users to unlock GPS-enabled motorcycles with their smartphone, and drop them off anywhere without the need to park it at a dock.

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Peak motorcycle: are China’s dockless cycles becoming a public nuisance? – video

Bluegogo’s bankruptcy last week triggered the issue of the future of dockless bike sharing in China, amid concerns there are too many motorcycles and insufficient demand. In an open letter apologising for his missteps, Bluegogo’s chief executive said he had been” filled with arrogance “.

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