Check Out Rizzle Kicks’ Jordan In New British Thriller’ Alleycats’

Cycling isn’t all about middle-aged humen in lycra, and new thriller Alleycats will have you feeling as tense as Bradley Wiggins in the Tour De France .

The first movie to explore the underground world of real road bike racing- which apparently happens in most UK cities, don’t ask me, I expend most of my life underground on the tube- “Alleycats” tells the story of a group of bikers who find themselves in a place of bother after one of their pals witnesses an MP commit murder.

A crowdfunded project, the film stars Rizzle Kick’s Jordan Stephens, John Hannah and other upcoming British talent such as Eleanor Tomlinson, Josh Whitehouse and Sam Keeley.

Alleycats is a thriller that securely has the stabilizers off.

Check out the trailer here 😛 TAGEND Coming in August .

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