BMX racing is rad and totally back from the ‘8 0s

( CNN) The 1980 s are alive and well in the heartland of America. BMX. Three letters that elicited — for anyone Generation X and older — a cultural Trapper Keeper of desirable possessions including Nike Air, Atari, Walkmans, Vans, MTV and of course that conduit of childhood freedom and insurrection, the Bicycle Motorcross.

Fit Nation: Around the World in 8 Races will air three times on Saturday, October 21 between 1 p.m. and 6 p. m. ET and one time between 5 p. m. and 6 p. m. ET on Sunday, October 22.

Picture unsupervised latchkey kids met around VCRs in suburban cellars to watch grainy, overly recopied BMX videos of tricks and races. This happened and it was totally awesome.

Born out of the ‘7 0s motorcycle race scene in southern California as children tried to emulate the adults on their own dirt bikes, BMX was a “sport created by kids, for kids, ” explained John David, COO of USA BMX. It was more than a recreation trend or fad, it soon became a slice of ‘8 0s youth culture. There were even big screen films: 1986 ‘s “Rad, ” 1983 ‘s “BMX Bandits” starring 16 -year-old Nicole Kidman, and of course the sons of 1982 ‘s “E.T.” all rode BMX bikes.

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