Are young people going cool on autoes?

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Media captionViews on automobile ownership

Could you live without a car?

Reya al-Salahi from London asked herself this question when she moved into a car-free development, but over the past year she’s been fine.

Lil Boyer from Dorset says she can’t use rural buses because they are “rubbish” – but she’s embarrassed to drive so much.

They are part of a trend of young person going cool on the car.

In the 1990 s, 80% of people were driving by 30; now this marker is only reached by 45.

Men under 30 are travelling only half the miles their parents did.

The Commission on Travel Demand says this should lead to a government re-think about travel priorities.

It points out that people in general are driving much less than anticipated 😛 TAGEND People are travelling 10% fewer miles than in 2002 and spending 22 hours less travelling per year than a decade ago. There has been a 20% reduction in commuter trip-ups per week since the mid 1990 s Growth in automobile traffic has slackened. In the 1980 s, it grew by 50% whereas in the decade to 2016 it grew by 2% Image caption Walking and cycling have a vital role to play, says Prof Marsden

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