‘Age better by doing right workouts’

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Too many of us are neglecting to do exercises for strong muscles and bones, says Public Health England( PHE ).

It’s launched a new report giving advice on how people can age better by doing the right workouts.

While the message about doing aerobic exercise for a healthy heart and lungs is getting through, people are less clear about the need to look after their overall strength too, it says.

We should all be doing strengthening exercisings at least twice a week.

Lifting weights is one option, but taking up tennis or dancing also runs, says PHE and the Centre for Ageing Better.

Activities offering the most benefit include 😛 TAGEND Ball games Racket athletics Dance Nordic walking( strolling with poles to give your upper body a workout as well as your legs) Resistance training( use weights or bands or your own body weight to push or pull against for a workout)

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