A New Study Figured Out The Perfect Way To Immerse Yourself In Your Workout Routine

You know how a running is simply much better when you’re doing it outside, on a new trail, or in a new city? All the new sights and senses that are activated work together todistract you from any cardio-related discomfort you may have. Staying focused during exercise can be seriously challenging, but visual effects like the peaceful scenery you might encounterduring an outdoor run can definitely makethe whole experience a little more enjoyable and a new survey can totally back that up.

The research, which was published in the journal, revealed that adding visual consequences to your sweat sesh can help create a moreimmersive fitness experience. These visuals work by helping you feel more satisfied with your workout, and may even induce newbies to the exercise game feel like they’re exerting less effort.

When it comes to an immersive fitness class, suppose radical imagery and multicolored lighting projecting and ricochetting off the walls.

While these cool visual and auditory consequences may sound a little over-the-top, it’s actually an excellent way to confuse from the effort you exert during a workout, which is particularly ideal for anyone who’s new to exercising.

In the study, one group of participants took an audio-only cycling class, and a second group participated in a fully immersive cycling workout experience called THE TRIP by Les Mills, which is essentiallya virtual world with a floor-to-ceiling curved screen. The researchers measured exercise intensity, satisfaction, and perceived exertion, and compared research results between the two groups.

Theyfound that the rate of perceived exertion( RPE) aka how intenselypeople felt the latter are exercising was perceptibly greater for those in the audio-only class.

On the other hand, RPE was significantly lower for those who took the immersive spin class. Plus, fitness newbies reported even satisfaction from the cool, cinematic workout experience.

So, whether you simply signed up for your first workout class and you’re worried about pushing through to the end, or you’re simply looking to switch things up in your usual routine, this new immersive fitness tendency might be right up your alley.

From an IMAX spin studio in Brooklyn, to a trippy yoga experience at Earth’s Power Yoga in California, immersive fitness is becoming available for just about anyone to try.

Oh, but if you’re not trying to break the bank and venture to a studio, you can still channel your inner craftiness tocreate your own immersive fitness experience. Pretty cool, right?

( I want an invite, though .)

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