$25,000 Olympic Track Bike Is Both Radical and Left-Leaning

Molly Cranna

When the us womens track cycling team rolls onto the velodrome in Rio for the pursuit event today, theyll be pedaling some funky-looking chariots. Felts new track rocket has been designed to wrestle every aerodynamic advantage from the uncaring laws of physics. Way cyclists tip to the left as they loop around the velodrome. To reduce drag, Felt put the bikes drivetrain on the left side–the opposite of every motorcycle youve ever ridden, and a first in international track cycling. The frame is also asymmetrical; its shaped to better slice through the air in a left-side tilt. The result is a motorcycle that generates 125 fewer gram of drag. For a typical Olympic cyclist, that nets a gain of 4 seconds over the 4-km race. In 2012 the US females lost the 3-km gold medal race by 5.7 seconds to the Brits, who still remain a formidable foe. This year, win or lose, we all know whos got the coolest motorcycle. $25,999

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