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Just like Shake Weights came into our lives unexpectedly( and uninvited) back in 2010, so do a lot of other weird fitness tendencies. 2018 is basically over, which means we’re already looking to 2019 for new ways to magically improve our lives. While the past year was all about wearable fitness trackers and High Intensity Interval training, the upcoming 2019 health tendencies are predicting a little difference on the fitness trends we’ve come to know and love( or detest, depending on who you are as a person ). There’s already a bunch of unbelievable and weird upcoming 2019 health trends to look forward to. While I’m sure that fitness influencers will have no deficit of bizarre health tendencies to try to push on us in the new year, I’m choosing to focus on the 2019 health trends I can actually get behind. Here’s what we can look forward to in the new year.

1. Shorter Workouts

THANK GOD. No more dying a slow death by losing our breath on the StairMaster anymore. Fitness experts are saying that we can reduce the amount of period we work out if we just work up the right way at the right intensity. Think of all of the things you can do if you only exert for 15 minutes per day. You can expend those leftover 45 minutes ruining your diet feeing delicious post-workout food!

2. Fitness Streaming Services

Fitness streaming services are giving gyms a run for their fund( insure what I did there ?). There’s no need to go to the gym anymore when you can just stream a good workout from your telephone, Tv, or laptop. Exerting from the comfort of our apartments in 2019? Sign me tf up. Some awesome workout streaming services include CorePower Yoga, Peloton Digital, ALO Moves, or MNDFL Video. If you’re balling and have a ton of fund to blow, get that interactive fitness MIRROR for $2,000.

3. Vibrations

No , not the type of vibration you’re thinking of … although that could burn calories too. Vibration therapy and percussion guns were trendy in 2018 and will stay throughout next year to continue to stimulate and loosen our aching muscles. These vibrations help to penetrate deep into your scalp, tissues, and muscles to recover and repair your body pre- and post-workout. Day to whip out your vibrator wand for the right reasons!

4. Sleep

This is another astounding tendency that we altogether approve of. Sleep is a vital part of any wellness routine–specifically, how well we sleep, including how long we sleep for, how long we stay asleep for, and how deep our sleep is. The real trend here involves managing and tracking our sleep through wearable devices and mobile apps that enable us to analyze just how many quality Zzzs we’re actually catching every night. Fitbit, Beautyrest, S +, and Beddit are just a few of the more popular sleep trackers available. Some will even sync with your Apple Watch.

5. Treadmill Classes

Yup, you read that right. You already know about the cycling/ SoulCycle craze that took over the world last year. According to ClassPass, we’re kicking bicycles to the curb and hopping back on those treadmills. But they won’t be boring this time around. Group treadmill classes are a new trend that will get you, your friends, and a bunch of old dames in shape in no time.

6. Personal Training

Maybe you detest the gym. Or maybe you detest the idea of working out and getting all sweaty in front of strangers. Well, personal educate is predicted to become route more popular over the next 365 days. Everyone has different needs, both in terms of diet AND fitness. Certified personal trainers are here tell us what to eat, kick our asses and give us six-packs, and transform us into better, healthier versions of our 2018 selves.

Images: Spencer Dahl/ Unsplash

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